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Seminar Instructor(s) Date(s) Location
Official KTA Seminars
Clinical Concepts (KT3) 706-000-3W-082314-01-US   Tom Lechtenberg   Aug 23, 2014   Benefis Health System Great Falls, MT US
Partner Hosted Seminars
Fundamentals & Advanced (KT1 & KT2) 600-000-1F-082314-05-US 600-000-2A-082414-05-US   Barbara Ann Humphrey   Aug 23-24, 2014   Healing Arts Institute Perrysburg, OH US
Clinical Concepts (KT3) 445-000-3W-082314-05-US   Pam Samaniego   Aug 23, 2014   Optimus Rehab Midland, TX US
Official KTA Seminars
KT4 Specialty Sports/Orthopedic 706-000-4SP-082414-01-US   Tom Lechtenberg   Aug 24, 2014   Benefis Health System Great Falls, MT US
Partner Hosted Seminars
Clinical Concepts (KT3) 603-000-3W-083014-05-US   Mike McGillicuddy   Aug 30, 2014   Central Florida School of Massage Therapy - Orlando/Winter Park, FL Winter Park, FL US
Fundamentals & Advanced (KT1 & KT2) 604-000-1F-083014-05-US 604-000-2A-083114-05-US   Pete Pfannerstill   Aug 30-31, 2014   Daytona College Ormond Beach, FL US
Official KTA Seminars
Fundamentals & Advanced (KT1 & KT2) 448-000-1F-090614-01-US 448-000-2A-090714-01-US   Steven Ray Huber   Sep 06-07, 2014   Kennedy Krieger Institute Baltimore, MD US
Clinical Concepts (KT3) 318-000-3W-090614-01-US   Clementine Carder   Sep 06, 2014   Vital Rehabilitation Chicago, IL US
Fundamentals & Advanced (KT1 & KT2) 226-000-1F-090614-01-US 226-000-2A-090714-01-US   Hong Yim   Sep 06-07, 2014   Edward Health and Fitness Woodridge, IL US
KT4 Specialty Sports/Orthopedic 428-000-4SP-090614-01-US   Sheryl Goodridge   Sep 06, 2014   Active Care Physical Therapy New York, NY US